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 On thursday we were robbed, thankfully they didn't take much, but I've not been the same since. There was someone in our house as we slept, we had no idea until we saw that the window was open in the morning. I've been jumping at shadows ever since. I don't feel safe in our home anymore, I'm scared of being alone here, I'm scared of no one being home at all. I slept properly for the first time last night, though that might have been because I was just so tired from not sleeping. It's hard when every bump and creek makes your heart race, let alone having to get up and wander through a pitch black house just to pee. Fumbling for light switches being so paranoid that when you turn it on you'll see someone who shouldn't be there. I know it'll take time, and hopefully it'll get better. In the mean time, I check all the latches and locks, then hide my tech or take it with me when I leave the house. I'm so paranoid and I know it, but I can't help it. 

Someone was in our house while we slept, and we didn't know, we didn't hear them, we didn't wake. Now cue the onslaught of "what if". 

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