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Every so often I'll get really excited coming across a term for my paganish stuff. It's like "I have found this thing! It says what I do(or think I do) I shall use this term!" and it's alright for a while, but then I start over thinking it. I wonder if I'm really doing what I need to be doing to fit into that term? Am I being pompous using that term? Do I really get what that term means? This get's to the point that I'm agonizing over this term, a term that's meant to be helpful, rather than actually doing anything (because what if it doesn't fit that term?).
I'm warming to the term eclectic, and I have been for a while. It's vague enough that I don't feel trapped by it. Add in something about polytheism, maybe slavic stuff, a dash of PCP. Well I think I might be getting ahead of myself again, eclectic is enough for when I need to put something in the Religion field on TC.

Well that and the new thing of "Social Justice Pagan --", I like that concept I really do. It fits so well with my personal philosophy and it's helped me realise that I need to bring that philosophy into my paganish stuff because they're not wholly separate things.

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