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 A few weeks ago I found a dead raven in my yard. We'd had a lot of storms with strong winds, I figured it was blown out of the tree. Anyway, the witchy side of me couldn't leave it alone. I decided to pluck what feathers I could, then lay the bird out near an ant nest to let them do their thing. I didn't have any clue on how to honour the I sorta didn't. 

Moving onto today, I decided to go through a guided meditation(Lupa's totem one for those interested). When I came to a clearing, I was the size of a mouse, above me was a large group of ravens. They were unimpressed. I'd taken and not given, this would not stand. After some discussion, I realized what I needed to do, and they left. They wanted part of me, and the life energy with it. When I clean the bones that has to be included somehow. I'm still fuzzy on the details.

I thought it was over at this point, but apparently I wasn't shaken enough, so Baba Yaga wandered out. I got the impression they'd been around the whole time, just watching. There was talk of a sort of internship with them a while ago, the time to formalize that is approaching quickly, and I thought my part was to cut my hair.. Turns out it's not enough, though that doesn't overly surprise me, I doubt they'd agree to any deal that wasn't weighted heavily in their favour. I have some idea of what they might want, not sold on the concept though. I don't know that I have all that much choice in it. 

Everything has a price. 

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