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For a variety of reasons I ended up pretty upset tonight(the why isn't relevant to this post).

I went out to the yard in the darkness, the rain was falling softly. I always find being in the rain, particularly at night, to be a calming and even cleansing influence. 

Anyway turns out the focus of my ire had followed me outside, into the rain, into the circle of trees I was standing in. After a short talk they made me a promise to make amends  in the rain, inside the circle, in front of my gods. I pointed this out to them, mentioning that regardless of whether they find this important I do. This promise is sacred to me now, and I will not take it lightly if they break it. After some assurances I was alone again.

I lay down on the grass, slowed my breathing and just existed. My mind leisurely wandering through the different sensations of the evening. The rain pattering down on my skin, the sound of the rain falling on different surfaces, the rich smell of the wet earth. 

I really do love being out in the rain, no matter the situation I always feel better afterwards. 

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