12 September 2014

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 In some spare time between teaching today I started scribbling down a calendar, I miss having a religious calendar since I moved away from ADF. Started pretty simple, just wrote out months and added in the solstices and equinoxes since those things have always been part of my practice and they make sense to me. Next I added a resource I find a while back, it's a chart of seasons suited to my location. It has 6 seasons, High Summer, Late Summer, Early Winter, Deep Winter, Pre Spring and True Spring. It's really nice to have something that suits my area so I'm likely to continue incorporating it.
Aaaand that's all I have right now. 
I'd like to add more, but I need to dig up some books since I'd like to pick out the Slavic Festivals that seem relevant to me, then see where they fit on my calendar. I've also drawn up a clock to plot all of this info on, so far it's 3 circles with the months in the middle, then my seasons, then everything else really. 
I'll get there, and it'll probably change in practice. 

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